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Welcome to Tailored Pilots new range of ultra detailed,
realistic scale pilot figures.


Nice to see Ali Mashinchy's fabulous T-33
gracing the cover of Jet International.

Ali used a pair of our 1/4 scale jet pilots, custom made with helmets painted in the Thunderbirds livery. He took top honours at last years Top Gun event with this amazing model, and of course Ali's pilot renowned pilot skills.

You can see more pics of this model at the bottom of this page.


Chris Williams superb Topaze, as featured in this months
Q&EFI has one of our 1/3rd scale pilots in the cockpit.

In this issue Chris talks about his maiden flight of this
superb model as part of his regular section.

The pilot is one of our 1/3 scale civilian figures
with a baseball cap and harness fitted to finish
of the scale look.


Our production 1/2 scale pilot.

An early 1:2.5 scale pilot in a ASK-21. We have now tried this pilot in gliders ranging from 1:2
to 1:2.25 and 1:2.5, he's a perfect fit!

One of our pilots in a 1/3rd scale Fox.

I'm sure you'll agree it looks pretty good!


Our aim was to create model pilots that had realistic proportions, built to the highest possible standards whilst maintaining an affordable price.

Pilots are available in 1/7th, 1/6th, 1/5th, 1/4 and 1/3rd scales with 1/2 scale coming soon! We also currently have an animatronic option for the 1/6th scale with 1/4 and 1/3rd to follow shortly.


Some of our customers require a pilot to suit a particular model, making it difficult to buy an of the shelf figure. No problem, we can tailor make our pilots to cater for your needs, with a choice of clothing and colours, custom painting and logos for clothing or bespoke cap designs. Our website tends to show the standard figures we make so if you have a specific need then please get in touch.

After many years of studying the competition it was obvious that they just didn't look or feel right, so we started to research just what you, the modeller needed from a scale pilot figure.

So we made a shortlist...



Good body proportions,
no long or short arms and legs

Lightweight construction for aircraft use

Realistic faces and hands

High levels of believable detail

A moulded, lightweight poseable body

A good selection of upgrades for added realism

A bespoke service to customise your figure

A selection of scales to suit most applications

Customised clothing, caps with
printed logos or designs (permission required)

An animatronic option for that ultimate touch



Just some pictures of our 1/4 scale pilot in different models. If you require a custom pilot,
or the standard dimensions won't fit into your cockpit then we can alter the body and clothing
to suit your application. Please email for more details.


What are they made from?

Our larger scale pilots utilise a moulded non rigid foam body that is anatomically correct in proportion. Unlike many of the other pilots available ours bend at the joints as we have taken the time to ensure the foam is thinned down around knees and elbows therefore avoiding bowed limbs (one of our pet hates). Many of the other pilots available use either cloth bags, wadding or even hand cut foam blocks making it difficult to create an accurate body. The other advantage of moulded foam is its light weight, always a bonus in a model aircraft.

Again a feature that is initially part of our larger figures but will eventually be used across the range is roto-moulded, non brittle heads, hands and boots. To draw a comparison with the competition our parts are durable, UV stable mouldings that won't rot in the Sun or crack/chip over time, all this whilst being very lightweight. Many other manufacturers use either latex that turns black, rots, and has poor surface detail that is easily deformed, or solid rigid resin that is much heavier and easily damaged.

To compliment our pilot range we have designed several optional accessories to enhance the final look. As well as our standard accessories we can offer a one-off service including custom painting and logos. Accessories include:-

Seat belts
Parachutes with straps
Caps, with an option to have your own logos applied (permission required)
One of clothing made to order
Many other options in the pipeline.

If you have a special requirement then please contact us to discuss your needs.

Wouldn't it be cool if they moved !
Animatronics is a feature that will be available in all the scales we sell. You can choose from just head movements all the way to head and arms or even body tilt on the 1/3rd scale figures. Nothing freaks people out more than seeing your pilot doing his own thing, without any input from yourself, this is thanks to a tiny animatronic controller card that comes pre-programmed, just leaving you to connect a 4.8-6V supply (or higher via a Ubec rectifier). Of course you can always operate him through your radio gear by linking his movements to your controls.
As part of our bespoke service we can cater for more specific programming, or even the option to program your own figure if required. These cards also have the ability to allow inputs from sensors such as motion proximity or sound to mention just a couple. Or how about syncronised sound for when your open cockpit model's sitting on the showline wowing the crowds. Currently we have the 1/6th scale figures ready to buy as can be seen on the videos below, the next sizes to become available will be 1/5th and 1/4 scale.
Examples of our bespoke service on Alis Jet Pilots for his T-33