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The latest size to be developed is our 1/3rd scale pilot range. As wih the other scales there are several styles to choose from, with an equal amount of optional extras to enhance your pilot.

Our large scale pilots are the most realistic available with the same detail added as the rest of our range. If you're looking for that special something to really make your model come to life then here it is!

With a moulded soft body and hollow PU head and hands they are certainly light for their size. We sell the basic pilot figure along with optional extras to enhance the finished look.

As they are produced here in the UK it allows us to offer a custom bespoke service if required, making your pilot a unique one off figure made to your own requirements.


303 lo3
1/3rd scale pilots in a DG-303 and Lo-100

Again in the Lo-100 and Chris Williams Topaze

And finally in a Fox and Duo Discus


Height: 584mm
Sitting height from seat to head: 310mm
Width across shoulders: 160mm
Weight: from 430gm

Our 1/3rd scale figures now come with a new body moulding that incorporates an internal armature that allows for
"bend and stay" posing of your pilot. Perfect if you want him standing, sitting or the arms and legs positioned
exactly without having to tie or glue his body parts to the cockpit or controls.

Simply bend his joints for a fixed position! No more loose arms or legs floating around inside your model,
especially during aerobatics!

If you require a custom pilot, or the standard dimensions won't fit into your cockpit then we
can alter the body and clothing to suit your application. Please email for more details.

hats front

A selection of the hats that we now produce for our 1/4 and 1/3rd scale pilots. We can offer caps and bucket hats in both scales or woolen beanie hats in 1/3rd only. See the separate listings on each page for more info.
Available 1/3rd Pilot Figures

Standard 1/3rd Scale Civilian Pilot

Our standard 1/3rd scale civilian pilot comes with a moulded soft body and hollow PU head and hands for lightweight. The standard figure is dressed in a pair of trousers and long sleeved shirt.

Standard pilot figure does NOT include
seatbelt harnesses, parachute pack,
cap, sunglasses, watch or headphones.

Please call for details.

Prices from £180

Optional Accessories

Standard Parachute Harness - Black

A canvas parachute harness to fit our
1/3 scale pilot figures.

Please call for details.

Standard Parachute Harness - Red

A canvas parachute harness to fit our
1/3 scale pilot figures.

Please call for details.

Premium Seatbelt/Parachute Harness

The ultimate setup for that civilian model you have.

Please call for details.

Picture coming soon!

Standard Seatbelt Harness

A canvas seatlbelt harness to fit our
1/3 scale pilot figures with moulded adjusters and buckle.

Please call for details.

Early Seatbelt Harness

A canvas seatlbelt harness to fit our
1/3 scale pilot figures with canvas and leather effect straps.

Please call for details.

Printed Cotton Baseball Caps

Made from cotton these are probably the most realistic model pilot caps available. Choose from one of our stock designs or have one printed with your own supplied logo, permission required for corporate logos.

Please call for details.

See group picture at top of page for stock designs.

Bucket Hat

Our vinly bucket hats realistically produce this classic style commonly used by glider pilots. We can also add logos to the front if required (permission required for corporate logos).

Please call for details.

Beanie Hat

Only available in 1/3rd scale, our beanie hat is ideal for an open cockpit model.

Please call for details.

Premium Headphones

Our premium 1/4 scale headphones come with microphone, radio lead, valume controls and detailed headband with cushioned pad.

Please call for details.

Leather look Flying Helmet

A leather look flying helmet, ideal for Golden Era or WW1 models. Comes with fur lining, folded peak and neck strap.

Please call for details.

Watch with Strap

A moulded scale watch with cloth strap and domed face.

Sunglasses available in a range of colours...

Custom Insignia

We can provide bespoke logos if supplied by customer. Any copyrighted images will require permission.

Please call for details.

Custom Paint

We can also offer a custom painting option for your pilots helmet. Not only that but we can print and apply logos and layouts to your own design. Any copyrighted images will require permission.

This same service also applies to the face painting with more detail in the eyes and skin colour.

Call us for more info.